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Monday, December 3, 2012

New Weekly Cleaning List

A couple weeks ago, I read this great article online about family cleaning and, of course, I can't find it anywhere. It helped me realize that, although my previous cleaning system (see HERE) was fine, it wasn't quite working the way I wanted it to. My older two children, who are 6.5 and 3.5 years old, still have so much to learn about cleaning and specifically, how to clean properly. I can't just make up chores for them and expect them to figure out how to clean without any guidance. Now, obviously they have some "know how" from watching me and having me instruct them from time to time but I think they need a little more guidance. A few things I remember from that article I read that really impress me were:
1. Kids aren't born knowing how to clean their rooms or make their beds. They need to be taught.
2. Working side-by-side with your children during chore time helps them learn how to clean properly AND helps them learn to work as a team! I love that idea. That concept made me change things up. Plus cleaning together instead of alone is always more fun. ;-)

I've devised another cleaning chart that will hopefully help our family learn to work together and keep our house clean. The layout is mostly the same, my daily chores for basic upkeep and one designated room a day. *Every morning I unload the dishwasher and my husband is in charge of making sure it's loaded and running before he goes to bed. Love him!! The bullets are my chores and the starred chores are the ones I'm going to save for "family chore time". I pick my son up from school and we usually get home around 3:30. I want our "family chores" to be done before I start preparing dinner. 
Another reason I'm so excited about this is because I feel like I don't get to spend as much time with my son, who's in first grade, as I'd like to. He's gone until about 3:30 and we have to squeeze in homework (which takes him FOREVER!), chores, dinner, karate and any other things like shopping, errands, etc.. before bedtime which is usually around 8. This just gives me an extra 20-30 minutes a day to spend time with him.
I know my kids can fold and put clothes away but I'm really OCD about stuff like that so I think I'll ease them and myself into laundry. For now, socks and shirts will work great for all of us.
We'll see how this goes. We've JUST started. I'll come back and give you all an update.
How do you organize yours and your kids chores? I'd love to know.

How do you keep your house clean and your sanity intact?

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