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Monday, December 3, 2012

Juppy Review

This post has been long overdue. I apologize to the creators of the Juppy. I received their product a little over a month ago to review. Honestly, I was scared I'd be writing my first bad review. The Juppy seemed a little pointless to me.....until I put it on my son! Before I go any further, check out their site HERE.

I got the black and yellow Juppy with the carrying case. Go HERE to see their photo gallery. I cannot find the pictures I took of my son.

Now, onto the review!
The Juppy is brilliant!! Like I mentioned before, I was worried about it being a pointless product and I'd have to write about that. Once I received the Juppy, I noticed how sturdy it was. I liked that. If I was going to put my son in it, I wanted a high quality product. It was super easy to get on my little babe too. I just unzipped the back and put this legs through the holes then zipped it back up. My baby was already taking a few steps when I received the Juppy but he was still hesitant to walk. I noticed his confidence shoot through the roof with the Juppy on. He was literally trying to run as fast as he could. I think it made him feel safe. His face lit up as if it were a game. He would walk through the house (while I held the straps behind him) just giggling. I was holding onto the straps just slightly so that I could catch him if he lost his balance. The Juppy gave him the security and confidence he needed to learn how to walk. My older two children saw how much fun he was having in the Juppy so they wanted to try holding the straps as well.
The Juppy has adjustable straps so you can change the length depending on your own height. It's also super compact. The carrying case this comes with is super small and fits great in my diaper bag. You can also personalize them. When you're ordering, you have the option of adding a name to the front. It comes is a few different color options as well.
I really liked this product and know it helped my little guy learn how to walk while keeping my back pain-free. I was able to stand straight and follow him all the around the house.

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