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Monday, November 5, 2012 Review

 First I have to apologized to the creators of because I took so long to share their product. But honestly, I couldn't decide what to make. I had SO MANY fun ideas for their product. Check out this video below to learn all about!

Usually when we take pictures, we're also recording a bit as well. Now you can attach audio or video to your scrapbook! I'm pretty excited about this one. asked me to take a look at their newest product and blog it.
*All thoughts and opinions are my own. has created special little stickers you can attach to any scrapbook page that link to videos, audio and imagery that can be viewed directs from the web.

This is a scrapbook I made for my oldest son. I was able to go through the pages and add videos of him that were taken the SAME day the pictures were taken. It's so cool!! stickers come in a great variety of colors so you can coordinate the colors on your page to one of the stickers.

 I'm excited to explore other ways to try I have family that lives far away and I think it would be fun to make them a card and have audio or video attach of our family saying hello! These are just simple ideas. There are so many other ways to incorporate into any craft. 

They also have a product called StoryPatches for fabric crafts. You can sew one of these onto a quilt!

Technology is awesome!

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