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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kranich's Jewelers

If your husbands are like mine, you know sometimes they need you to point straight to something you want them to "surprise" you with. And that's okay. They need our help sometimes. If you are a fan of jewelery and would like to design your own, go check out Kranichs Jewelers. They have a section called Mothers Rings where you can design your own ring. You can choose from different ring or pendant designs, have as many stones put in and even have your children's names engraved on it. I was playing around on their site and it's so easy to pick what you want and see what it'll look like. I'm thinking I might just make my hubby surprise me with style 152 with my children's names and birthstones on it for Christmas. 

Which one do you like? 
And does your hubby need a big, blinking arrow to show him what you want sometimes?
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