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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Organization Station

A while back, I was telling a few girlfriends about our cleaning system and they wanted me to show pictures so I'll put it on here for all to see. :-)
First let me say that I struggle with keeping a clean house EVERYDAY. I beat myself up about it daily followed by the little voice of encouragement in my head that says at least I try and to never give up. I have 3 young and demanding children who I usually take care of first and then if I can get to my house, awesome! The system I use really helps me clean everything, not just the stuff that needs done that day.
This is what we call our "Organization Station". It has my 
Weekly/daily cleaning list
Our dinner menu (the whole month)
My kid's daily schedule
My kids chore charts

I'll go more into detail of each item below.
So this is my Weekly Cleaning Schedule and I LOVE IT!!! It has really changed the way I clean. I used to wake up every morning and make a list of chores that needed to be done that particular day. It was usually the things that were higher priority like dishes, laundry and front room. It seemed like that was all I was able to accomplish and the "not so important but still needed to be done" chores were never accomplished. 
One of my daily chores is the 10 Minute Tidy Up -2x/day. This is probably my favorite chore. If I can't get all my chores done the day before, I'll use those 10 min tidy ups to finish those chores. I also have Saturday to finish chores that didn't get done that week.
As you can tell below, I've printed my schedules and put them in sheet protectors. I've also attached a dry erase marker to the corner of my sheet protector. As my day goes by, I'll check off the things I get done.
The calendar (on the right side) is my MONTHLY DINNER MENU. I have to thank my Sister-in-law for this one! Back in December, she gave me about a weeks worth of frozen meals as Christmas gift. One day I was telling her how much those meals have saved me because I was struggling with dinner. I had just had my baby and getting dinner planned and prepared everyday was very difficult for me. She told me to make my menu for a whole month and to go grocery shopping for 2 weeks worth of meals at a time so I was going shopping the beginning of the month and the middle. I'll still go maybe once a week for fresh food but it's been a life-saver for me. We saved so much money this way and random trips to the store because we forgot ONE INGREDIENT!! I also double some of my meals and freeze them so the next time we have it, It'll be that much quicker to prepare.

This is my KIDS DAILY SCHEDULES AND CHORES. The days I don't stick to their schedules (which are many) I seem to struggle so much more. It seems like my day is so much more chaotic and I'm arguing with my kids more. I love these schedules
Now onto the chores. As you can see, some of them are above and below their schedules. Every morning I'll take a few from above and put them below their schedules. Those chores are the ones they are in charge of that day. They have different chores everyday depending on what my daily chores are. If I have to clean the kids room as my daily chore, their daily chore will be something associated with their room. I try to involve them in every room of the house so they can slowly expand their skills; and it really helps me out.
  I made their chore magnets by using clip art from Microsoft office or just googled clip art. I edited them in photo shop to change the size (if needed), add text and then printed. I laminated them and put a piece of Magnetic Tape to the back.

So there you have it! This is how I "try" to keep my house and life organized. If I stick to it, life is good. If I don't, my life becomes too chaotic for me to handle.

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  1. Do your kids try to move the stuff on the fridge at all? Dea always messes with stuff I put on the fridge if it's at a height that she can reach it.

    I love your ideas. I've been thinking about doing a meal plan for ages and just haven't gotten around to doing it again. I really like the idea of putting the lists in sheet protectors so you can cross things off!


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