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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Door Hanger

***UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2012 I've received so many views and comments about this craft. Thank you for stopping by. If any of you make this or something similar, please send me a picture. I'll post all the pictures around Halloween for everyone to see. Let's share the creativity! Send your pictures to Subject: Halloween Door Hanger!

This craft was inspired by a Christmas craft we're making in my ward in a few weeks. The Christmas craft has a word spelled down it. I thought making Halloween faces would be fun.
I got these cork coasters for $1at D.I. (Otherwise known as Deseret Industries).
It's just a thrift store in my area. You could also pick up some thin wooden coasters at JoAnn's.

Traced and cut.

Glued on the green then added some black vinyl for hair. I would have probably just used black paper but I didn't have any. The vinyl worked great.

Added the whites of the eyes. It's just paper.

Added the black. It's vinyl.

Cute little eyebrows. Vinyl again. All my black shapes are vinyl.

I took a pencil and lightly drew a mouth and stitches.

Then I went over it with a pen.

The rest are similar. Added paper then vinyl :-)

The spiders legs are hot glued to the back. I went outside, grabbed some little twigs and spray painted them black. Pretty clever, I know!

I added hot glue to the ribbon and pressed the coasters down one at a time making sure they were center.

Make sure to apply Mod Podge to each coaster before hanging it outside.

So fun. So cheap. My kind of craft!
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Great project! I hope you'll link this post up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.

  2. I love this! It seems very kid-friendly and won't get in the way. Come check out how to make a yarn flower.

  3. What a cute idea! Love it. I will be featured at my party this week, it will be up later this evening:)

  4. I love those! I'd love to make them but probably only for next Halloween. Too tired to make things these days.

  5. I love these. Absolutely adorable. I love how you repurposed!


  7. Going to make these this weekend!

  8. I love your door hanger! So cute!

  9. I made one of these and my kids loved it! I used coasters from Chili's and covered those. It looks smaller than yours, but still adorable! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Very creative and cute!

    Team Craftwell

  11. What store is DI?
    I would like to do this idea, but have no idea where to get cork coasters!

    Thank you

    A. Jackson

  12. Yes, what store if "DI"? I would also love to make this?

  13. Sorry for not clarifying. I've updated my post and have a link for the D.I.

  14. Way cute! I'm planning on making this! Seems so easy. Do you have a link to the Christmas craft that you mentioned above? I would love to see it.

  15. Im definitely gonna make one of these!!! ...and spiders have 8 legs :/ lol

  16. This is too cute! Im going to use your idea as inspiration and creat my own...Thank you

  17. Spooky adorable!!!!

  18. going to make this with my grandkids!!

  19. Mod Podge why/where exactly are you applying it?

    1. You'll want to brush mod podge over each finished coaster. It will protect it a little more and give it a finished look.

  20. I love this! So cute and so easy....not to mention inexpensive! My son loves to craft and this is definitely something he would enjoy. Thank you for sharing the idea and the 'know-how'.

    Ginger C.

    p.s. Spiders have eight

  21. My boys are making these now with paint.

  22. Made this today!! So adorable :) We used glittery foam sheets instead of paper and we found 12inx12in square of cork at the dollarstore!! Thanks for the idea!

  23. New follower via Pinterest! I love this project! Will do it with my grandkids when the time comes! TFS!


  24. I made this as soon as I saw it, everybody loves it --I will be hanging it in my office, thanks for the ideal and I also used coaster from restaurant to recycle, looks good.


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