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Friday, September 23, 2011

Lining An Alligator Clip for a Hair Bow

If you have a daughter, or daughters, you've probably seen every hair bow out there. Most of them have an alligator clip glued to it so the bow will slip smoothly into your little sweeties hair or ponytail. Lining your clip with ribbon makes the overall appearance of the bow so much cuter! This tutorial will show you how to line an alligator clip.
1 standard alligator clip. You can find them at Sally's Beauty Supply and they are actually called Metal Single Prong Curl Clips. It says the online price for 100 is $5.39 but that's the same price in the store as well. You can buy a pack of 12 for about $2 and see if you like them before you buy the big box...Also at Sally's

A hot glue gun. Mini or regular glue gun will work fine. Just make sure your glue is really hot. If it's not, it won't adhere completely to your clip or ribbon.

4 inch piece of 3/8 in. grosgrain ribbon. Grosgrain ribbon is my favorite to use. I think it looks the best but any type of ribbon works. I've used other types and they all work fine. You can find ribbon anywhere...Wal-Mart (in the craft section), Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Michaels, even the internet.

A lighter. This is for sealing the ends of your ribbon so it doesn't fray. Light your lighter and quickly pass the ends of the ribbon back and forth a few times above the flame. You'll see the edges slightly melting together. If you go too slow, your ribbon will start on fire. For other ways to heat seal your ribbon, Click here.
In the picture above, my ribbon is NOT heat sealed. Can you see it fraying on the ends. If you glue it on your clip like this, it will continue to fray and come off. This is why heat sealing is important.

Step 1: Apply a small dab of hot glue on the bottom end of your clip. Quickly stick one end of the ribbon to the glue so they adhere before the glue dries.

Step 2: Apply a small dab of hot glue to the top of the clip and quickly wrap ribbon up and around the clip

Step 3: Hold the clip open with one hand while you apply a thin layer of glue along the long top part of the clip. Lay your ribbon down (still hold the clip open so it doesn't glue shut) on the clip making sure the clip is centered in the middle of your ribbon.

Step 4: Continue holding your clip open and apply a thin layer of hot glue to the inside top of your clip. Fold the remaining piece of your ribbon underneath making sure it's properly lined up with the ribbon glued on the top.

The bottom part should look like this once it's glued and tucked under.

The top should look like this.

Now you are ready to glue it (using hot glue) to the bottom of any flower or hair bow.

Or you can add some coordinating ribbon, button, flower, 
brad, etc.. to the top and make a mini hair bow. 

 So now that you have a beautifully lined clip, let's glue it to something SUPER CUTE!!!
Stay tuned for my next tutorial...

Felt Flower Bows!!

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  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I linked to it from my free tutorial on how to make an Ice Cream Cone hairbow.


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