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Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Son's Lego Party

For my son's 7th birthday, I threw him a Lego party. I don't have much to say so enjoy the photos.

I made the birthday banner by downloading the free Lego font HERE, cut them out and layered them on yellow, red and black cardstock.

For one of the activities, I printed a blank Lego man and had everyone pretend draw a Lego man version of themselves. It was a hit. And such a easy activity.
I made these water bottle labels. You can download the labels and blank Lego man HERE.

These are the goodie bags. I picked the bags up at Zurchers and taped matching circles to make them so they looked like Legos.

We also played Lego Bingo and used random Lego pieces for the markers. Free Lego Bingo cards HERE.

I made a few cakes in 9x13 pans and cut them in quarters, used marshmellows and let the boys decorate their own Lego cake. I think if they were older they would have enjoyed it more. It kind of just turned into a crazy mess.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Green Smoothies for 1 Week

I'm challenging some of my family members to drink 1 green smoothie a day starting Monday, April 22nd.  I LOVE green smoothies! There are so many benefits from drinking green smoothies. Here are a few great sites for more details.

Here are some sites for great recipes!

The smoothies on Rage Against the Minivan have an ingredient called kefir. I don't know if anyone has ever heard of or even uses it. If not, use YOGURT as an alternative. 

Also, I found these on Pinterest but couldn't find the original source.

A few of my own personal tips (and one not-so-personal)-
*FROZEN SPINACH CUBES!!! Changed my life!!!
*If your veggies are fresh, add them to the blender first. It seems like they blends better that way.
*Use fresh and/or frozen fruit, it doesn't matter. If you're using fresh, make sure to put a little ice in there to thicken it up.
*If you haven't had green smoothies before or very often, start with SPINACH as your veggie. You can't taste it at all! It just changes the color.
*If your can't get past the fact that you're drinking something GREEN, add blueberries. It turns your smoothie purple......This is how I trick my kids into drinking green smoothies.....


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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Boba Air Review

I received the Boba Air last month to review. This is my second time reviewing a product from Boba. I love the company and their whole line or baby carriers. 

Before I get into the review I wanted to share a story about how awesome the company is. Back in December of 2011, I had a chance to review the Boba Carrier 3G. See HERE. A little while after I posted my review, I noticed one of the snaps was missing. Because it was missing, I couldn't snap both sides of the sleeping hood up to the straps at my shoulders. I called Boba and explained that it was missing. They apologized and sent me a new one right away, no questions asked. I did send back the old one. Their customer service rocks!!
One of the main reasons I was so interested in the Boba Air was because of how COMPACT it is! I own the original Boba Carrier and have used it countless times! Because the Boba 3G is made with thicker material then the Boba Air, it's obviously going to be bulkier. I couldn't really stash it in my diaper bag while I was out and about. I had to keep it stored in the back of my car. 
So when I opened up my new Boba Air and saw how small and compact it was, I was super excited! Not only is it compact but it folds up into itself, making storage quick and easy! Check out this video!

The Boba Air can be used as a front or back carry with children 15-45 lbs. It's made of 100% Nylon and is easy to clean and super durable. The fabric is a very lightweight and more breathable. It includes a sleeping hood and a large pocket to store you hood in when not in use. The hood can be used to protect your little one from sun or rain, or to provide a cover when they are taking a nap. 
Here are a few other features:
  • Comfortably fits heights 5'0" – 6'3"
  • Waistband range: 27" – 55"
  • Elastic bands neatly roll up straps
  • Easily adjustable chest strap
  • Uniquely designed to "hug" your child
  • Body of carrier rises 16"
  • High quality military grade buckles
Because I've had a carrier since my son was born, he's totally used to being carried around in them. He loves them and usually falls asleep on my back. I took him grocery shopping with my new Boba Air and we both loved it. Even though the fabric is a lot thinner, my son feels very secure in it. They are made extremely well. They are very sturdy and take into account the fact that Moms are not made equally. It doesn't matter what size you are, the Boba Air has adjustable straps so you can adjust accordingly. My husband is a huge Boba fan as well so when he puts it on, all he has to do is make a few adjustments and BAM!!, he can carry our little monkey around and carry on with whatever he was doing. 
And if your child is like mine, he/she probably follows you around all day wanting to be held. My little guy is my shadow. It makes cleaning the house very difficult. I only have one hand to do dishes, vacuum, makes beds, etc.. because he wants to be held all day. With him on my back (or front), I feel kind of like Super Mom because I'm a more efficient cleaner and my little guy gets to snuggle close to me all day.
 Like I said  in my other review, make sure you read ALL the instructions and guidelines that come with your carrier. Your baby is only safe if you know how to PROPERLY wear them.


Monday, December 3, 2012

New Weekly Cleaning List

A couple weeks ago, I read this great article online about family cleaning and, of course, I can't find it anywhere. It helped me realize that, although my previous cleaning system (see HERE) was fine, it wasn't quite working the way I wanted it to. My older two children, who are 6.5 and 3.5 years old, still have so much to learn about cleaning and specifically, how to clean properly. I can't just make up chores for them and expect them to figure out how to clean without any guidance. Now, obviously they have some "know how" from watching me and having me instruct them from time to time but I think they need a little more guidance. A few things I remember from that article I read that really impress me were:
1. Kids aren't born knowing how to clean their rooms or make their beds. They need to be taught.
2. Working side-by-side with your children during chore time helps them learn how to clean properly AND helps them learn to work as a team! I love that idea. That concept made me change things up. Plus cleaning together instead of alone is always more fun. ;-)

I've devised another cleaning chart that will hopefully help our family learn to work together and keep our house clean. The layout is mostly the same, my daily chores for basic upkeep and one designated room a day. *Every morning I unload the dishwasher and my husband is in charge of making sure it's loaded and running before he goes to bed. Love him!! The bullets are my chores and the starred chores are the ones I'm going to save for "family chore time". I pick my son up from school and we usually get home around 3:30. I want our "family chores" to be done before I start preparing dinner. 
Another reason I'm so excited about this is because I feel like I don't get to spend as much time with my son, who's in first grade, as I'd like to. He's gone until about 3:30 and we have to squeeze in homework (which takes him FOREVER!), chores, dinner, karate and any other things like shopping, errands, etc.. before bedtime which is usually around 8. This just gives me an extra 20-30 minutes a day to spend time with him.
I know my kids can fold and put clothes away but I'm really OCD about stuff like that so I think I'll ease them and myself into laundry. For now, socks and shirts will work great for all of us.
We'll see how this goes. We've JUST started. I'll come back and give you all an update.
How do you organize yours and your kids chores? I'd love to know.

How do you keep your house clean and your sanity intact?

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Juppy Review

This post has been long overdue. I apologize to the creators of the Juppy. I received their product a little over a month ago to review. Honestly, I was scared I'd be writing my first bad review. The Juppy seemed a little pointless to me.....until I put it on my son! Before I go any further, check out their site HERE.

I got the black and yellow Juppy with the carrying case. Go HERE to see their photo gallery. I cannot find the pictures I took of my son.

Now, onto the review!
The Juppy is brilliant!! Like I mentioned before, I was worried about it being a pointless product and I'd have to write about that. Once I received the Juppy, I noticed how sturdy it was. I liked that. If I was going to put my son in it, I wanted a high quality product. It was super easy to get on my little babe too. I just unzipped the back and put this legs through the holes then zipped it back up. My baby was already taking a few steps when I received the Juppy but he was still hesitant to walk. I noticed his confidence shoot through the roof with the Juppy on. He was literally trying to run as fast as he could. I think it made him feel safe. His face lit up as if it were a game. He would walk through the house (while I held the straps behind him) just giggling. I was holding onto the straps just slightly so that I could catch him if he lost his balance. The Juppy gave him the security and confidence he needed to learn how to walk. My older two children saw how much fun he was having in the Juppy so they wanted to try holding the straps as well.
The Juppy has adjustable straps so you can change the length depending on your own height. It's also super compact. The carrying case this comes with is super small and fits great in my diaper bag. You can also personalize them. When you're ordering, you have the option of adding a name to the front. It comes is a few different color options as well.
I really liked this product and know it helped my little guy learn how to walk while keeping my back pain-free. I was able to stand straight and follow him all the around the house.

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